Metal brackets are what most people imagine when they think of traditional braces. To gradually shift your teeth into the correct alignment, our dentists attach these stainless steel brackets to the front surfaces of your teeth using dental adhesive before connecting the brackets with a thin wire.

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The Benefits of Choosing Traditional Braces

  • They Treat Complex Cases

    Unlike other orthodontic treatments, traditional metal braces can effectively treat complex cases, such as severe crowding, spacing, misalignment, and malocclusions.

  • They’re Affordable

    Traditional metal braces are your best bet if you’re looking to find a cost-effective orthodontic solution. Although the total cost of orthodontic treatment varies based on several factors, including the severity of the issue, length of treatment, and the dental practice’s location, traditional braces are generally more affordable for most patients.

  • They’re Customizable

    We can adjust the size, shape, and position of the traditional brackets and wires to ensure that your teeth shift in the right direction and at the proper pace. This level of customization that leads to precise and predictable results is crucial for complex dental issues.

  • They’re Durable

    Since metal braces are known for their durability, they won’t require frequent replacement. Although we may need to adjust and tighten the brackets and wires periodically, these components usually last for the entire duration of the treatment without breaking or requiring replacement. You can feel confident that your braces will stay in place and work effectively throughout the treatment.

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