Our dentists offer the best go-to solution for those who hide their smiles because of excessive gum exposure. With a gummy smile recontouring treatment, a beautiful, bold, and unapologetically confident smile is within your reach.

What Is Gum Recontouring?

Gum recontouring involves a conservative and non-invasive procedure that enhances your smile’s appearance by reshaping your gumline to reveal more of your teeth.

The Benefits of Gum Recontouring

  • It Removes Excess Gum Tissue

    Too much tissue makes teeth look dingy. If you have excess gum tissue that extends down onto your teeth, our dentists can use gum contouring to safely remove the large strip of the gum tissue across the top and expose more of your teeth surfaces. Besides making your teeth appear longer, this procedure can make them look more proportional to your smile and facial features.

  • It Corrects an Uneven Gum Line

    Jagged, uneven gum lines can make teeth look crooked and unhealthy. Since gum recontouring reshapes the areas where gum tissue extends lower than others, it creates a straighter and more symmetrical smile.

  • It Helps Lowers Your Risk of Tooth Decay and Infection

    Excessive gum tissue can trap food particles and increase plaque buildup, which is difficult to remove through brushing and flossing. Besides causing irritation, excessive gum tissue increases the risk of gum disease. Trimming back the gum line through gum recontouring helps prevent these oral health issues.

Considering Gummy Smile Recontouring in Phoenix, Arizona?

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