Bone grafting and sinus lifting are two fascinating procedures that have revolutionized the dentistry field. Our practice uses these techniques to restore and rebuild the jawbone to ensure dental implant success.

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What Is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is necessary to restore lost jawbone due to tooth loss, disease, or trauma. It’s a surgical procedure involving transplanting bone grafting material from various sources, including the allograft bone, or synthetic material, into the jawbone. The transplanted bone acts as a scaffold that promotes new bone growth and helps restore jawbone strength and density.

What Is a Sinus Lift?

The sinuses are air-filled spaces found in the upper jawbone. Losing teeth in this area causes the bone around the sinuses to deteriorate. A sinus lift is a specific type of bone grafting that targets the upper jaw and the area around the sinuses.  During the procedure, our dentist lifts the sinus membrane and places the bone graft material underneath it to create more space and stability for dental implants.

Why Are These Procedures Important?

Although dental implants provide a strong and permanent solution for missing teeth, they rely on a healthy and stable jawbone for support. Bone grafting and sinus lift procedures promote dental implant success and longevity by restoring and rebuilding the jaw's bone. Without these procedures, patients with significant bone loss in the jaw won't qualify for dental implants.

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