Keeping your pearly whites in tip-top shape requires more than just regular brushing and flossing. Take proactive steps to ward off gum disease and other oral health issues by scheduling dental exams and cleanings every six months!

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Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups and Cleanings

  • Tooth Decay Prevention

    Regular cleanings prevent tooth decay and cavities by removing plaque and tartar buildup.

    Dental sealants are also used in helping to prevent food and bacteria from getting into the tiny grooves in the teeth that cause decay. Sealants are typically used for the biting surface of molars and premolars, and can eliminate the need for expensive and invasive treatments, like dental fillings or crowns. Sealants are often applied to children and teens as their permanent teeth erupt, but adults who don’t have decay or fillings in their molars can also benefit from a sealant application.

  • Early Detection of Oral Health Issues

    Routine dental exams can identify potential oral health problems, such as gum disease and dental abscess, early on. Besides allowing for prompt treatment before these issues become more severe, they prevent the need for invasive procedures in the future.

  • Oral Cancer Detection

    Besides catching tooth decay, gum disease, and abscess formation early, regular dental exams allow us to identify the early signs of oral cancer. It’s important to note that early detection can significantly increase the chances of successful treatment.

  • Better Oral Health

    Regular dental exams and cleanings are crucial in maintaining oral health because they promote healthier gums and teeth, fresher breath, and a dazzling smile.

  • Cost Savings

    Since preventive dental care allows you to avoid costly dental procedures, scheduling regular cleanings and exams is a cost-effective investment in your long-term oral health.

  • Education and Advice

    Our dentists provide advice and education on proper oral hygiene techniques, nutrition, and other key factors that improve oral health and prevent future dental issues.

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