Gum Recession and Tissue Grafting

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Did you know that gum recession affects 47.2% of Americans? The good news is that tissue grafting offers a solution by reconstructing the gum line, promoting gum health, and transforming smiles.

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How to Know If Your Gums Are Receding  

Since gum recession occurs gradually, most people don’t know they have it based on visual evidence alone. Identifying receding gums starts with regular checkups with the dentist. However, you can look for the following signs to identify receding gums even before your dentist could:

  • Longer Teeth

    Teeth that look longer than normal when the gum recedes, and the roots become exposed.

  • Tooth Sensitivity

    Increased tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet foods and drinks is one of the early signs of gum recession.

  • Gumline Changes

    Gum recession makes the gum line look different, with a noticeable notch, indentation, or a shift in the gum line position.

What Is Gum Tissue Grafting?

Gum tissue grafting involves a surgical procedure used to treat gum recession. It occurs when the gum tissue around the teeth pulls back and exposes the roots, making them vulnerable to decay and sensitivity.  

During the procedure, the dentist takes a small piece of tissue from another part of the mouth and surgically attaches it to the affected area to cover and protect the exposed roots.

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