Do you wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed, constantly struggling to stay awake during the day and fighting fatigue? You may be one of the millions of people suffering from sleep apnea.

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What Is Sleep Apnea?  

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes brief interruptions in breathing lasting from a few seconds to minutes, repeatedly occurring during sleep. Since these episodes lead to the lack of oxygen that causes fragmented and disrupted sleep, they cause daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and other symptoms and health issues.

Is It Dangerous?  

Yes. Sleep apnea increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, or stroke as it compels the heart to work harder due to the lack of oxygen. Sleep apnea patients will likely experience serious health conditions if left undiagnosed and untreated for too long. Additionally, its symptoms can negatively impact the patient’s education, work, and relationships.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

  • Loud and chronic snoring
  • Gasping or choking during sleep
  • Restless tossing and turning
  • Irritability
  • Headaches in the morning or evening
  • Dry throat in the morning
  • Difficulties with concentration and memory
  • Daytime fatigue, regardless of the number of hours of sleep the night before

What Are the Best Ways to Manage Sleep Apnea?

  • Lose weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Sleep on your side
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Treat nasal congestion
  • Avoid sedatives and sleeping pills
  • Use oral appliance therapy

Can the Dentist Help Treat Sleep Apnea?

Yes. Dentists use oral appliance therapy to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea. An oral appliance is a custom-fit device worn in the mouth during sleep to maintain an open airway. It prevents apneic episodes by repositioning the jaw, tongue, and soft palate.

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