A dental crown is a custom-made restoration that gives a decayed, weakened, or damaged tooth a new lease on life. Since it covers the tooth’s visible portion above the gum line, a crown improves its appearance and restores its natural shape and function.

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Indications for Dental Crowns

  • Decayed Teeth

    When extensive decay or a large cavity weakens a tooth, it becomes more vulnerable to breaking. Placing a dental crown over your weakened tooth keeps it stable while protecting it from further decay and damage.

  • Fractured Teeth

    If left untreated, fractured teeth can cause pain and discomfort, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, and jawbone deterioration. When a dental crown covers your cracked, chipped, or broken tooth’s visible portion, it preserves the remaining tooth structure and prevents more damage to the compromised tooth.

  • Misshapen Teeth

    Abnormally shaped teeth reduce biting and chewing function, increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, put stress on other teeth, cause jaw pain and headaches, and hurt self-esteem. A crown can help you avoid these problems by restoring a misshapen tooth’s natural height and shape.

  • Worn Teeth

    Tooth wear can result from teeth grinding, acid erosion, an abnormal bite, brushing too hard, and aging. Dental crowns can address worn teeth to give you a healthy and beautiful smile.

  • Root Canal-Treated Teeth

    After a root canal procedure, the tooth may become discolored, brittle, and prone to breakage. Besides improving the tooth’s appearance, a dental crown provides an extra layer of protection that helps prevent further damage to the tooth.

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