Single tooth implants are the ideal solution for missing teeth. Our team will ensure your procedure is completed effectively and that the results are long-lasting.

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What Is a Single Tooth Implant?

A single tooth implant is a permanent solution to missing teeth. It consists of inserting a biocompatible titanium or zirconia post into the jawbone with an artificial tooth-colored crown attached to its top portion.

What to Expect: Pre-Op, The Day of Surgery, Second Phase, Post-Op

  • Pre-Op

    We’ll talk about your treatment options, the duration of treatment based on the number of implants you need, possible tooth extractions, and your medical history before setting a date for the implant procedure.  

    Our dentist may give you a list of pre-operative instructions, such as:

    • Rinsing your mouth with an anti-bacterial mouthwash
    • Taking a round of antibiotics
    • Securing a ride to and from our dental office if you’re getting IV sedation or an oral sedative
    • Ensure you’ve eaten prior to your appointment on the day of surgery, as it might be difficult to eat afterward
  • The Day of the Surgery

    Dental implant procedures usually involve a two-phase process lasting six to nine months.

    Dental implant procedures usually involve a two-phase process lasting four to eight months. The process can last eight to ten months if bone grafting is required. All Implant and Implant related procedures are routinely performed by Dr. Benso in our dental office. Dr. Benso uses advanced implant placement techniques with the use of 3D CBCT X-ray technology. This helps Dr. Benso with precise placement of the implant during surgery, making the incision in the gums rarely needed. Once the implant is stabilized, Dr. Benso adds a healing cap that sits at gum level to protect the implant.

  • Post-Op

    We’ll give you aftercare instructions to avoid infection and implant failure. Over-the-counter medication can help ease your discomfort and reduce swelling.

  • Second Phase

    After giving your jawbone a few months to fully integrate the implant, we will 3D scan the area and teeth with the Itero scanner to send a digital model to the lab where they will make an implant crown that looks and feels like the surrounding teeth.

Considering Single Tooth Implants?

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