Say goodbye to old-fashioned metal fillings and hello to the future of tooth restoration with white dental fillings! Besides offering a beautifully natural look, these composite fillings provide a long-lasting solution to tooth decay.

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Steps Involved in White Fillings

  • STEP #1: Preparation

    The dentist numbs the area around the damaged tooth to ensure patient comfort. They prepare the tooth’s surface for the filling by removing decayed or damaged portions.

  • STEP #2: Placement

    They place the white dental filling material into the prepared tooth in small increments while shaping and molding it to the desired shape and contour.

  • STEP #3: Curing

    They use a special light to cure the filling material or allow it to harden naturally over time. The curing process ensures the material bonds firmly with the tooth structure.

  • STEP #4: Polishing

    Once the filling material has cured, the dentist smooths and polishes the surface to match the surrounding teeth, creating a seamless finish.

Benefits of Getting White Fillings

  • They blend in with the rest of the treated tooth.
  • They strengthen the tooth and prevent further damage.
  • They reduce sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures by sealing the exposed dentin in the tooth.
  • They can treat various dental issues, including cavities, chips, and cracks in teeth.
  • They’re safe for patients with metal allergies or sensitivities because they’re made of biocompatible materials.

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