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What Are All on 4® Fixed Implants?

All on 4® fixed implants are a dental restoration technique that replaces a row of missing or damaged teeth using only four dental implants. This system uses a specialized implant design and strategic placement to provide a permanent, stable, and strong foundation for a customized set of artificial teeth. All on 4® fixed implants are an excellent choice for patients who want to restore their smile and regain their confidence.

How Do They Work?

Our office uses high-performance Biocompatible implants from Straumann and Neodent.

Advantages of All on 4® Fixed Implants

  • Reduced Treatment Time

    Unlike other tooth replacement options, such as traditional dental implants that take several months to complete, our dentist can install All on 4® fixed implants in a single appointment. With this treatment, you can leave our office with a fully functional set of teeth on the same day as the surgery.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    As mentioned, the All on 4® fixed implant procedure uses only four dental implants to replace an entire arch of missing or damaged teeth. Since it reduces the number of implants required, it can be a more cost-effective solution for some patients.

  • Permanent Stability and Support

    If you’ve experienced discomfort or instability with other tooth replacement options, be glad to know that All on 4® fixed implants offer permanent stability and greater support for your new teeth. This tooth-replacement option works even in cases where the jawbone may have deteriorated due to missing teeth.

Do You Need All on 4® Fixed Implants in Phoenix, Arizona?

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