What Advantages Do White Fillings Have Over Silver Fillings?

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April 25, 2023

The development of cavities on your teeth may compel your dentist in Phoenix, AZ, to use dental fillings to cover your dental caries and prevent further deterioration. Fillings are made of amalgam material, which comprises copper, tin, mercury, and silver.Nowadays, your specialist recommends white fillings made of resin composite material since they can be customized to resemble your natural dental outlook. White fillings are preferable to silver fillings, and here's more.

Comparison Between White Fillings Vs. Silver Fillings

Both white and silver fillings are ideal for sealing your tooth cavities and preventing further damage. However, various aspects distinguish between the two types of fillings, as discussed below:

Material Composition: White tooth fillings are made from composite resin material and have no metal or amalgam. The fillings are bonded to your teeth and are minimally invasive since less tissue removal is needed. They can be tooth-colored to resemble your natural tooth. On the other hand, silver fillings are made from amalgam material that combines several metals, including copper and mercury.

Distinct Application Mode: White fillings are chemically bonded to your dental, while silver fillings are placed and locked by expansion. Silver fillings are stained to become grey or blue.Both white and silver fillings cost almost the same price, and the duration of placement is almost the same. Additionally, both types of fillings last for 8-15 years and require proper maintenance. Cavity fillings near you may modify silver fillings to white to provide you with ultimate satisfaction based on your personalized needs. You can discuss with your dentist your preferences and determine the ideal fillings for your dental.

Benefits of White Fillings

White fillings are preferable due to the following reasons:

Natural Appeal: white fillings provide a natural dental outlook, unlike silver fillings which are easily identifiable. The composite resin material is customized to resemble your tooth color and blend with your tooth enamel. As a result, the fillings provide you with a natural-looking dental and restore your confident smile.

Non-Toxicity and Simplicity: Cavity filling near you prefer white fillings since they are designed from non-toxic ceramic or plastic material that's safe compared to metallic fillings. Metal fillings are metal of metal alloys, including mercury, and may easily lead to allergies. Resin white fillings are safe for your oral tissues. Additionally, composite resin fillings placement is fast since the fillings are applied over tooth enamel. The fillings are then hardened using a special light and ensure a firm bonding to your tooth. The procedure leaves you with a naturally-looking smile.

Durability and Versatility: White fillings were considered weak to resist teeth grinding and chewing pressure. Advanced white fillings can serve you for a long due to their quality. They are also resistant to cracking and may be inserted nearly anywhere in the mouth. White fillings are eligible for a variety of dental flaws. They're ideal for restoring your dental structure and addressing chipped, cracked, fractured, or worn-down teeth. Additionally, fillings are a viable option for recovering your eroded tooth.

They're Resistant to Temperature Changes and Are Easily Repaired: Our dentist in Phoenix, AZ, recommends white fillings since they are resistant to temperature changes. Also, they have insulating properties that prevent your teeth from being sensitive due to extreme cold or hot foods.

They Reduce Tooth Sensitivity: white fillings made of resin lower your teeth sensitivity by sealing your tooth, insulating it from a hot or cold sensation. You may experience mild sensitivity after the dental filling, but the effects fade gradually. Silver fillings expand or contract when exposed to heat or cold since they are made from metal alloys. It can cause the formation of cracks in your teeth. Composite fillings degrade due to frequent chewing or grinding, but they are restored. You need to make an appointment with your oral specialist immediately when your white fillings fall out or become damaged. Failure to replace your fillings may lead to tooth decay and deterioration.At All-In-One Benso Family Dental, we recommend you have white tooth fillings over silver fillings since they are more natural-looking and have many benefits. However, if you need to replace fillings or seal your teeth, please make an appointment with our specialists today.