How Can Laser Gum Recontouring Improve Your Oral Health in Phoenix, AZ

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April 25, 2023

If you have receding gums or a gummy smile, the resolution for the problem was gum surgery for several years. Unfortunately, gum surgery was a tedious and painful procedure with extended recovery times. Fortunately, the advances in dentistry ensure that the dentist in Phoenix, AZ, can achieve results similar to gum surgery in a fraction of the time using the latest developments in cosmetic dental procedures.The Phoenix dentist achieves the results through laser gum recontouring, giving you an easier recovery time to improve your oral health in Phoenix, AZ.

Why Must You Choose Laser Gum Recontouring?

Compared to other treatments, gum recontouring offers several benefits that help improve the appearance of your gums and smile. The primary advantage of gum recontouring using lasers is the advanced technology used when performing the treatment. The Phoenix dentist uses a soft tissue laser, an accurate tool helpful for treating various issues that mandated traditional surgery earlier.Although effective traditional gum surgery results in a painful and lengthy recovery, it involves cutting into the gums using scalpels. In addition, traditional gum surgery also carries a high risk of infections developing from the procedure.The entire procedure of gum recontouring is currently revolutionized by laser dentistry. Instead of cutting the gum tissue using scalpels, the gum tissue is vaporized by the accurate dental laser killing the bacteria and instantly sealing the wound. Laser gum contouring near you causes minor trauma to the tissue and is performed with great accuracy than earlier.Unlike traditional gum surgery, laser recontouring does not require any cutting, stitches, or sutures and involves minimal discomfort, swelling, or bleeding. You also benefit from shorter recovery times, and the precise procedure ensures better aesthetic results.

Recovering from Gum Recontouring Using Lasers

You can experience comfortable recovery from gum recontouring with lasers. You receive a recommendation for soft and cool foods for a week after the procedure. If you experience any discomfort, rest assured it is easily manageable using over-the-counter painkillers.

Why Consider Laser Gum Recontouring near You?

If you want to improve the appearance of your gums and smile, you undoubtedly wouldn't want to travel long distances for the procedure and would prefer to correct the problems in your neighborhood. Besides the above, the treatment with lasers is also versatile.Dentistry advances with lasers currently help you to resolve various cosmetic problems related to your gums, including the following:

  • You have an uneven gum line.
  • You have receding gums as a consequence of aging symptoms of gum disease, which causes your teeth to appear bigger than they are.
  • You have a gummy smile occurring from your gums resting too high on your teeth.
  • The appearance of your teeth is either too short or unevenly sized.

Gum recontouring with lasers often causes less pain and inflammation from the rubbing by the extra gum tissue. As a result, the procedure ensures you have healthier gums that are not challenging to clean and help improve your oral health.

Gum Recontouring in Phoenix, AZ

You may think any dentist in the region can perform gum recontouring using lasers. Unfortunately, not every dentist is qualified to perform this procedure like the Phoenix dentist. Using lasers requires specialized training in the discipline of cosmetic dentistry besides the expertise of working with the specific technology of an accurate dental laser. If you wish to benefit from gum recontouring with lasers instead of traditional surgery, you must ensure you visit a dentist with experience in this unique procedure.When you visit the Phoenix dentist requesting gum recontouring, you benefit by looking at examples of the dentist's work and providing before and after success stories of their patients earlier. In any case, when modern technology is available with a dental professional near you to provide painless and comfortable gum recontouring, why would you consider visiting any other professional without sufficient experience in such procedures? We are confident you wouldn't want to return home with more damages to your aesthetic appearance by undergoing a process from an inexperienced professional. It is why you benefit by preferring to seek gum recontouring from the dental professional in Phoenix and none other.If you want to learn more about gum recontouring using lasers, you benefit by visiting All in One Benso Family Dental for consultation and any dental treatments you need.