Testimonials About Dr. Shawn Benso


We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service they receive from Dr. Benso. Read what our patients are saying about us below.






“As a long-time patient of Dr Benso's, I feel compelled to share another extremely positive solution he provided for me that I never thought possible. Earlier this year, I explained to Dr Benso that my snoring had been keeping my wonderful wife up at night, I wasn't sleeping well and feeling rested and we both were not happy about it.
Dr Benso arranged for me to have an "in-home" sleep study done which confirmed my snoring, but more importantly identified that I had moderate sleep apnia, a potentially very serious health condition. Dr Benso discussed the results of my sleep study in a very professional and caring way and told me that he thought I was a very good candidate for a custom fitted "oral appliance" that would help my conditions. I could tell he had a very profound interest in providing me with a more viable option to the traditional c-pap "mask" solution that many people struggle to use long term.
I am happy happy to report that the "oral appliance" he made has been a miracle worker for me. It is easy to wear and keep clean. It eliminated my snoring, I sleep like a baby again and most importantly my wife doesn't elbow at night because I'm keeping her awake. Now that's what I call a "win-win", healthy solution.
If you or a loved one snores, you need to see Dr Benso for a consultation. He will will treat you with dignity, respect and have a solution that will change your life and health for the better as it did for me.
My most sincere thanks Dr Benso for all you do. Your medical expertise and personal patient care is very rare and most appreciated. Thanks for letting me share my awesome experience.”

- Bill C.

"I had some issues as a young adult because I was jaded by military dentists. Due to that, I feared them and refused to go to any dentist for a long period of time causing issues. However, I have been seeing Dr. Benso for a couple years now and I can honestly say that he is the best dentist, now orthodontist and eventually my daughters dentist when the time comes because he's that amazing. He's got a great personality and is very particular about his work. I couldn't have asked for a better team, or all inclusive dentist that will ensure the best for me. Coming from my past dental experience, this means a lot. You rock Dr. B. And thanks for everything."

- Kathyrn Y.

“Dr. Benso is THE BEST orthodontist and dentist in the valley!!! He and his entire staff are truly aMaZiNg!!!! Both of my boys have done braces with him, as well as general dentistry, with GREAT results!!! I would HIGHLY recommend him to everyone!!!”

- Lori D.

“Dr. Benso, he is funny and great at what he does. His staff is friendly and he talks to the kids while working on them. This is an awesome orthodontic!! Highly recommended!!”

- Lane J.

“Shawn Benso has been great. Having a lot of work done, has been great through what I've had so far. Really recommend him.”

- Edwin P.

“Dr. Benso is one great dentist! His work and how he relates to his patients is awesome. He truly cares about his patients.”

- Debbie F.

“He's the best! Most people dread dentist but Dr. Benso keeps me laughing and wanting to come back.”

- Kathy B.

“Dr. Benso is by far the best dentist I have been to. After a horrible experience with another dentist he saw me and fixed my problem right away and I have had no issues since. I would recommend him to anyone, adults or children.”

- Jessica P.

“Dr. Benso is the best! I came to him with missing teeth and anxiety from bad dental experiences in the past. He did 5 implants and implant crowns. He put my fears at ease & the process was so easy. I was up and playing with my granddaughters the next morning!”

- Beverly H.

“Dr. Benso has changed my life. Before he did my braces, my teeth didn't come together in the front which made it very difficult for me to eat certain foods. I wasn't able to bite into food and tear it so it would just end up all over my face. I was always embarrassed to eat out or in front of people. Now my teeth are exactly where they're supposed to be, and I can eat and smile with no worries. Thank you Dr. Benso!”

- Lindsey G.

"Dr. Shawn Benso is by far the best dentist I have ever been to! I have severe dental anxiety and a lot of dental work that has been started. He makes sure you are more than comfortable with conscious sedation and other alternatives. He and his staff have made going to the dentist a wonderful experience, than those from my past. I have since had all my family scheduled with him and his team. Michelle is the best office manager and understands any situation and will work with you to make sure you can afford to get the treatment you deserve. If you don't have insistance and/or are terrified of the dentist, this is the place to go!! *Thank you to the entire Benso Dental Team for taking such good care of my family and I!* You have a patient for life!!"

- Callie M.

"This past week was the first time I had an appointment with Dr. Benso after Dr. Levinson had left the practice. I came into the office for a follow-up on my new sleep apnea appliance, Dr. Benso and the staff made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I was very pleased with how the appointment went and look forward to having Dr. Benso as my new dentist!"

- June R.

"A few years ago my boss recommended Dr Benso to me & I have been going to him ever since. He is a very caring dentist & communicates well to make sure I am comfortable with whatever work needs to be done. His staff is also amazing"

- Theresa P.

"I've had major work done by doctor Benso in the course of two an a half years... Braces, implants, followed by cosmetic work. I was a very difficult case for sure, and had consulted many top doctors in Scottdale for their expertise. I'm so glad that after all my research I chose doctor Benso, and couldn't be happier with the outcome! I highly recommend him and his services to everyone. Thank you doctor Benso, you're the best!"

- Florin B.

"After meeting Dr. Benso and being assured that my favorite hygienist would still be there I am at peace with this transition. I will miss Dr. Levinson terribly, though, having relied on him and never been disappointed for over 30 years. Dr. Benso is young and innovative and that is definitely a plus."

- Margo P.

"Dr. Benso is truly fantastic. His knowledge, patience, and skilled craft are worth noting. He's extremely good with our kids and they actually love going to the dentist now. It's so refreshing to find a professional that you know you can always count on. He's honest and genuinely has his patients best interest as his number one priority. He really is the best and if we could give him more than 5 stars, we would! His staff is also amazing. Customers for life! Seriously. ..what dentist has ALL 5 stars??? Says so much about his talent, character and rare trustworthiness in the industry! Can't rave enough about him and the staff. Will never change and will always continue to send clients their way...because I know they'll be customers for life too. Finally...a competent, honest and skilled dentist! Absolutely love them."

- Jody S.

"I have just enjoyed my first visit with Dr. Benso and his staff and I can absolutely state without any doubts that it was a very pleasant experience all around. Tamara was great, the front staff was friendly and courteous. Dr. Benson was amazing, careful, and very considerate. At my age, I have had plenty of dentists and dental work done and I can honestly state that Dr. Benso is one of the very best I have had since I was 16 years old. Thank you Dr. Benso to you and your entire staff."

- Nick T.

"I have severe dental anxiety and had to have a root canal and Dr Shawn Benso took such good care of me and he has an amazing staff. They made sure I was comfortable and relaxed before beginning my procedure. I even had some post-op complications and they made sure I came back and that everything was okay on the spot without an appt. I would recommend them to everyone! I have never been to such a caring, professional, gentle, accommodating, and comfortable dentist in my life!"

- Callie C.

"Dr. Benso and his staff are wonderful. They are always caring and concerned. Dr. Benso always calls to follow up after major work has been done and they are very willing to help accommodate me in an emergency situation. I wouldn't go anywhere else for dental care."

- Ramona S.

"We love Dr. Benso and the entire staff! Everyone is warm and welcoming, and we receive high quality care for all our dental needs. I highly recommend All in One Benso Family Dental!"

- Lisa F.

"Awesome team and Doctor. If you live in the North Valley there is no other!"

- Robert N.

"Dr. Benso has been truly amazing ever since we first started going to him. He has gone above and beyond to help our family! I highly recommended Dr. Benso and his amazing staff. We couldn't imagine having anyone else as our dentist. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to all of your patients!"

- Lisa N.

"I am a new patient to the office. I don't like going to the dentist and put it off as long as I could. The entire office put me at ease and did everything possible to make me feel comfortable. I had extensive work done today and time was put on the calendar specifically for me. Dr. Benso and Tamara spent almost 4 hours working on my teeth and were patient and kind. I was even worried about my cleaning but the hygienist did a great job walking through every step. Michelle in the front office took the time to explain all of the charges ahead of time. I really appreciate all of the work and for the first time in my life look forward to going back."

- Jeff W.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Benso for over 5 years and he has been great. My son's have had no issues with treatments and have always felt at ease with him. They are always very accommodating when we have tooth issues come up and make us feel like we are their priority. I would refer anyone to this office, they are good people."

- Maxine W.

"Growing up, I was not able to go to the dentist as often as i should, thus resulting in severely damaged teeth and a fear for the dentist. I went to Dr. Bensos office and they assured me everything will be fine and took the time to answer all my questions. During the procedure, both Benso and his assistant were patient with me, and explained the whole process which eased my nerves. They also accept care credit, which helped my financial nerves.I would reccomend this place to anyone needing dental work."

- Kristina C.