Logicon Cavity Detection Software

Logicon version 5.2 is clinically proven to help dentists find up to 20% more interproximal caries on permanent teeth than traditional methods, and is the only commercially available FDA-approved computer-aided radiographic caries diagnosis software.
An optional component with our RVG Digital Radiography Systems, Logicon Caries Detector Software helps dentists visually analyze radiographs and diagnose caries on proximal surfaces. A powerful computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) tool, Logicon uses a database of histologically validated caries cases to help you determine whether or not caries are present in your image and whether restoration is needed.
Latest software improvements further enhance the detection process. With a few clicks, Logicon Caries Detector PreScan applies the algorithm on all eligible inter-proximal surfaces within a radiograph to generate a view of existing caries, helping the dentist verify manual findings by focusing on surfaces that require further investigation.